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Importing has never been easier
We help you through the whole process of buying and importing cars, bikes and boats from anywhere in America to Australia.
We pride ourselves on providing a highly experienced and professional importing service with a focus on classic American muscle cars. If you find a cheaper quote anywhere compare our complete services and see why!
Our Importing Process
Importing a car with us is as simple as these 4 steps. We have imported hundreds of cars, motorcycles, boats and more over the years and know the perfect way to handle it every step of the way. Our goal is to help you with our knowledge and make the entire process as smooth as possible.
1 – Find a Vehicle to Import

Finding your dream vehicle to import might be the hardest part of importing! There are so many options out there and places to find them. These are some of the websites we recommend visiting:

For the lowest transportation costs look for vehicles close to the 90220 zip code.

You can also sign up to our Weekly Imports Flyer which shows some of the amazing deals available for import from America to Australia.

2 – Inspect and Purchase

Once you’ve found your dream car we send our USA agents to inspect the vehicle on your behalf. They can provide additional information, test results and media relating to the vehicle.

If you are satisfied with what you see our agents will then negotiate the price, purchase the vehicle and transport it back to our American shipping yard.

Our network of agents and service providers in the USA have years of experience in transporting vehicles across the country.

3 – International Shipping

We take special care of your vehicle for international shipping. Taking extra consideration to prevent any damage and minimize any exposure to moisture while in transit.

We use a direct 28 day shipping service which means the fastest delivery possible and no stop overs in foreign ports or any of the risks associated with them.

Some vehicles may require special modifications for transportation. Something our team has extensive experience in.

4 – Local Australian Services

When your vehicle arrives in Australia we have our experienced unloading crew receive and prepare it. Any modifications that were made to allow for safer shipping are restored to normal condition and it is prepare for any necessary processes such as quarantine.

Not all imports will need to go through quarantine but it is something we help with every step of the way.

We then help finalize the local import approval process and the necessary registration forms that need to be filled.

Once ready, we can then help arrange for your vehicle to be delivered straight to your front door so you can enjoy it as soon as possible.

Why Import with Us?

We aren't just a freighting company. For years we have helped hundreds of Australians through the whole process of purchasing, importing and registering amazing cars from the United States. We understand that importing can seem to be a daunting prospect; but with our experience and trained staff it can be an easy, affordable way to get the muscle car you've always dreamed of. Here are some of the important features of our service that set us apart from the competition.

Weekly Imports Flyer

Find a vehicle to import using our Weekly Import Flyer which showcases some of the latest deals available.


Our agents in America are ready to help inspect and purchase vehicles on your behalf.


No matter where your purchase is located we can organize to have it transported to our shipping yard.

US Customs

We take care of all the paper work when transfering the title of the vehicle to US customs.

Cargo Protection

Vehicles and cargo we transport are protected from fluid damage by plastic wrapping.

Moisture Prevention

We use special silica moisture absorbent packs to minimize mositure in each container.


We provide multiple options for international shipping insurance so you can choose one that suits you.

Direct Shipping

We only use fast and direct 28 day shipping from California to Adelaide. No stop overs in China or Taiwan.


We handle all stages of the vehicle arriving in our shipping yard and restoring any modifications that were required for transportation.


Quarantine services including comprehensive asbestos testing and cleaning by a specialist.

Australian Services

We help organize the import approval with DOTARS and make all of the associated paper work easy for you.


To complete our service package we can also arrange for your vehicle to be delivered directly to your door at an extra cost.

Standard Sized Vehicles

Vehicles that take up one standard parking spot worth of space. Classic muscle cars, european cars, small trucks all fit in this category. If the car is excessively dirty, damaged or greasy there may be additional costs.

Cars built up until 1988 are generally very easy to import for street use as long as they haven’t been extensively modified. Later made cars must be converted by a RAWS registered company.

Large Sized Vehicles

Large sized vehicles take up more than one parking space but less than four. Vehicles typically in this category are large Ford F150s, F350s, some boats, trucks caravans and toy haulers.

Cars built up until 1988 are generally very easy to import for street use as long as they haven’t been extensively modified. Later made cars must be converted by a RAWS registered company.

Small Sized Vehicles

Small vehicles must be small enough to fit in a a parking spot edge-wise. This can include Jetskis, motorcycles and machinery.

Vehicles larger than this but smaller than a Standard Sized vehicle will vary in price depending on size and space availability. Special deals are available if buying more than one at a time.

Boats and Marine Craft

Boats of a size comparable to one standard parking spot. If the vehicle needs to be tilted or modified to fit there may be additional costs. Modifications often include removing windows, jet, stern drives and railings.

Boats of any year may be imported but their trailers must have import approvals and may require modifications.

Parts and Misc Cargo

We can freight a range of mechanical and solid parts for your car, truck or boat. Due to shipping changes and excess charges we will not be shipping any small items for customers. Please do not send any items to the US warehouse without prior arrangement.

We are still shipping engines and other large items. Cost will vary depending on the size and if they need to be processed through quarantine.

Oversize Vehicles

We can also help transport much larger vehicles but due to the complex nature of their size, shape and transport requirements they must be quoted on a per item basis. Contact us today for more information.

Vehicle and Freight Insurance
While incidents are rare, insurance is an important part of freighting a vehicle or other item from the United States.

We carry insurance for our services and during shipping for total loss or major damage by shipping forklifts and rail (clause C of international shipping). We use the best US trucking brokers sourced on your behalf to save you the trouble. (You can source your own if you wish). We cannot get insurance on any of the moves in the US as we are an Australian company. We do use the best transport companies and shipping yard to minimize risks but sometimes small things will get missed and cannot be helped. We offer two forms of insurance for all shipping from California. Costs are based on the total purchase cost plus loading, shipping and unloading cost at the time of discharge from the USA. Total Loss Insurance costs 1% and All Risk Insurance costs 1.5%.

Total Loss Insurance
All Risk Insurance
  • Fire and explosion.
  • Vessel of craft stranded, grounded, sunk or capsized.
  • Overturning or derailment of land conveyance.
  • Collision or contact of vessel, craft or conveyance with external object.
  • Discharge of cargo at port of distress.
  • General average sacrifice.
  • Jettison or washing overboard.
  • General average and salvage charges.
  • Heavy weather or rain water damage.
  • Theft, pilferage, piracy or malicious damage.
  • Shortage, short delivery or non-delivery.
  • Leakage, breakage or rust.
  • Seating and heating.
  • Denting, scratches or taint damage.
  • Damage by hooks, oils or other cargo.
The following exclusions exist for both insurance levels: Willful misconduct of the insured, ordinary leakage, ordinary loss in weight or volume, ordinary wear and tear, insufficiency or unsuitability of packing or preparation ( includes stowage of goods in a container by the assured (eg: surface rust on unprotected steel work), inherent vice or nature of the subject matter insured, delay (even if caused by at risk insured against), insolvency or financial default of the owners, managers, charterers operators of the vessel, use of weapon of war employing atomic or nuclear fission and the like, un-seaworthiness of vessel or craft and unfitness of vessel, conveyance or container where Assured are privy to such at time of loading, the waiving of a breach of the implied warranties of seaworthiness and fitness of the vessel unless the assured are privy to such, war, civil war, civil strife, hostile act, capture, seizure, arrest etc (other than piracy), derelict mines, torpedoes etc, strikers, locked out workmen, riots, civil commotions, resulting from strikes, riots etc, terrorist or person acting for political motive.

In compliance with Australian Border Force regulations we put our imports through a comprehensive asbestos testing and cleaning process.

We use an asbestos specialist to perform thorough tests on each vehicle’s risk components and provide a full report on their status. Vehicles passing this comprehensive testing will be given a NATA approved equivalent certificate. If asbestos is detected further steps will be taken to resolve the issue and conduct additional testing. The costs of this will depend on the work required and will differ from case to case.

Once this full process is completed we can proceed with the import. We take these steps to show our due diligence in following the regulations of the Australian Border Force and our commitment to not bringing asbestos in to the country.

If you would like more information on the Australian Border Force asbestos regulations and to read some of the frequently asked questions, please download the PDFs provided.

Frequently Asked Questions
Importing can be very complicated without the right help. Here are some of the most common questions we get asked about how to get started and what you can import.
Do I need to deal with the seller personally?
No, we can do all the communicating and arrange for the purchase of the vehicle through our local agents. We can also help negotiate on the final price and find answers to any additional questions you may have about the vehicle.
How do I pay for a car in the US?
Money is transfered to our local agent via a broker who handles international transfers at generally better deals than a local bank. We then use our agent to complete the sale with the local seller.
How long does it take for you to get the funds to the seller?
Once the amount has arrived in our account we can send it immediately. While the time it takes can vary it often clears on the same day we send it.
Can you buy a car on Ebay for me as I don’t have an account?
Definitely! We are ready to make the purchase and our US agents can take action to pick up the vehicle. Payment would be handled in the same way a more typical purchase would.
Who are your American service agents?
We have a number of experienced and professional agents specializing in different areas that we have used for years. They manage the negotiation and completion of sale, transportation of the vehicle and the various packing services at our loading warehouse.